Thai Culture: 1) Thailand’s famous Sex-Center, Soi Cowboy, Re-Engineers: Humanistic Views Take-Hold

Soi Cowboy re-engineers and sends a signal to Thai tourism industry

Soi Cowboy re-engineers and sends a signal to Thai tourism industry

Well Thai tourism had been hit for many reasons as you know and a big chunk of that Thai tourism is in the night time entertainment area.

Since the Thai night time entertainment business is an integral part of the whole package of why foreigners comes to Thailand, any adjustment to it can literally send wave throughout the Thai tourism industry.

Perhaps at the crux of the Thai night timne entertainment business is Soi Cowboy and the two most popular spot on Soi Cowboy is the bar Country Road and a Go Go Bar right across it.

I put on my old reporter hat, went talking to people and will give you the latest efforts of the two cutting edge places on Soi Cowboy to re-engineer themselves for the change.

Country road is re-engineering itself by extending Happy Hours, offer a more flexible pricing, and is not firing girls to cut-back. It is using the opportunity when girls leave to revamp its line of girls. The bar is also investing in the latest human resource concepts to get its girls to work as a better team-with the intention of making the environment better for its customers.

“I don’t punish the girls or order them to do anything, but I tell them that everyone benefits if they work as a team,” said Country Road manager.

A bar girl who does not want even her nick0name mentioned in this article said that she doesn’t care who is the government as long as the government help solve Thailand’s problems because right now, “There are no new customers coming in and the people who comes here are just expatriates.”

I asked her about the bar’s re-engineering efforts and she said that the environment is much better and that, “Current customers are well versed about Thailand and they seek more mature relationship and conversation and so I had to adjust my tactics and be more open, frank, understanding and put my real feelings on the line.”

The Go-Go bar across from Country Road is doing things that I can’t mention here but lets just say that for this well versed reporter in the nature of things, I have never seen anything as beautiful, sensual and sexy as the girls there-that is except for my wife off course.

Oh, I left for home at 8pm and didn’t do anything. It is just great relaxing by looking at some great art pieces-meaning Soi Cowboy is an art gallery for me and nothing more.

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