Thai Culture: Poltergeist Comes to Thailand

Poltergeist is Here

TSufficiency, one of the best ideas that came around, can still cause problems in the wrong hands
Sufficiency, one of the best ideas that came around, can still cause problems in the wrong hands



If anyone told you that capitalism and free enterprise, with its focus on materialism, is the solution to providing quality of life-they are lying their butts off because there is also a dark side to it.

And if anyone tells you that Sufficiency, with its stress on non-materialism, is the solution-they are also lying their butts off because sufficiency also has its dark side.

Anyone with their head screwed on right would say off course that both complements each other well-when they complement each other-meaning pursuing material wealth with little real value and appreciation attached to those material belongings-are just wasteful and the planet can’t really support waste anymore.

But when sufficiency turns into a freaked out religion-like in that movie Poltergeist where a mad priest goes around telling people the world is coming to an end and they needed to join him in locking themselves in a cave throwing all their possessions away and just sit and pray-it is obviously time to say that perhaps Sufficiency has been taking a bit too far.

Like most people who are stuck in Thailand for one reason or another, and make the mistake of turning on the TV or Radio, you just know that Sufficiency is turining into a freako religious thing because you just can’t get away from hearing about it.

And that is really a freak out thing because the economy is in a slump and you obviously need some consumption to keep things moving at least so Thailand will not fall into the IMF hands again-but there it is right in your face all the time about how Sufficiency is the solution.

In Poltergeist, the mad priest and his gang of mad followers who dies in that cave turned into a bunch af bad ass spirits and they went after a bright innocent child that is full of life. Obviously, a child is the symbol of all the things that is good about life.

And that is really where Sufficiency is doing its most damaged in Thailand-and if you don’t understand what I mean, it is only because you don’t have kids yet. But I dare you to go and ask any parents of young children.

If you are interested in some cutting edge writings on sufficiency and what it really means-check it out at

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