Globalization: 6) The Branding of Countries

Branding Crap?

Countries Globally compete to look good
Countries Globally compete to look good

A few years ago the Uk government did a survey of China and found that the Chinese saw Britain as conservatives, old, boring and not-innovative. With that Chinese perception in mind, the UK spent US$200 million re-branding the UK in China alone-and stressed the fact that it was one of the most open and democratic society in the world where freedom, creativity, innovation and youthful excuberances were everywhere.

If you thought the UK is the only one doing that you are wrong.

If you are into the movies like I am and subscribe to, which is the US paper that covers the global cultural industy, you will also spot the changes US movie indistry is doing-and that is in producing more movies that are with “great humanity.”

In the book “Tipping Point” it exposed that the trend in the world is set really by the few who are well informed and have all the information at their fingers tip. And with that information, it shapes their character, which includes their spending behavior.

All of the above is to say that while I have quit following Thailand, there is no not noticing that Thailand’s exports to the world is down by about 20%. Obviously you can say that it is the result of the global economy. But then again you can also say it is because globally, they are not buying Thai.

If the latter is the case-also well lets just say that whatever side you happened to on-or neutral like me-it does not take much really to understand why globally, they don’t like Thais.

I hate to say this, but things like when 50 leading thinkers on the global scale gets together and say something bad about something-like they just did on Thailand-you just know that the “Tipping Point” is tipping against Thailand globally.

But then again if you don’t give a crap and only care about your thing and your position-what can I say? But what you are really saying is “Screw the Exports and everything that are geared towards that in Thailand.”

To which I will respond that, “The good side of what you say is that Malaysians, Singaporians and all the rest that are competing with Thailand globally, are just laughing their butts off.” At who you figure it out yourself.

Oh, how does the Brits go about branding democracy and freedom in closed society-well I am non-political and will leave those who loves democracy and freedom here to do the research on their own.

I also have my thing and they are cute chicks like my wife Pookie, nature like making love under the water falls, and individualism like just leave me out of everything.

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