Journalism: 1) US Looking at Journalism Strategy

[SOURCE: Free Press, AUTHOR: Press release]
The House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Courts and Competition Policy and the Internet held a hearing on “A New Age for Newspapers: Diversity of Voices, Competition and the Internet.” At that hearing, Free Press, a public interest advocate organization, called for a national journalism strategy to address the problems in the newspaper industry and promote a vibrant news marketplace. Free Press’ three-point National Journalism Strategy entails: 1) documenting how and why permitting institutional journalism to fade away and journalists to change professions is the wrong path for democracy, 2) showing why the Internet is a powerful force for positive change but not a substitute for everything of value that has come before, and 3) recognizing that the future of journalism is a policy issue. Free Press Policy Director Ben Scott testified, “Combining the best elements of traditional and new media forms, we need to create and sustain models of news production in which it is possible to earn a living writing the news. These new institutions of journalism need to have the resources to cover expensive beats like international affairs and investigative reporting as well as the essential news about the workings of local government. We also have to recognize that the Internet can’t solve all of journalism’s problems because more than a third of the country is not connected to high-speed Internet today. Solutions that rely on technology will also have to deal with the digital divide.”

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