Politics: 6) Who is the Master Mind behind Thai Politics?

22.28-A master Mind behind much of what is occurring in Thailand exists, by Bally, this blog’s neutral national security analyst

There is a master mind behind what is going on in Thailand

There is a master mind behind what is going on in Thailand

If you are one of those who thinks things often just happens randomly, perhaps this analysis will change your mind. Because to many other people, what occurs seems to be part of a grand plan of some sort.

In Thailand, a few things that can be considered odd had taken place. First, Moody, the credit rating agency said it questions the neutrality of the Thai courts and then just a few days ago, the Washington Post wrote that it seem strangely convenient how the Thai courts would suddenly come out to rule on cases that de-fuse the political situation, by going one side. These two curiosity by the global leading institutions, in their respected fields, can probably be combined into a credible statement that means that The “Thai courts are playing politics on a massive scale,” and they have a side they are taking.

Then in the same way, as Anupong refuse to crackdown on the PAD protesters, from once to twice to many more time-to the point of not carrying out court order-and then when the red shirt, went gathering at the constitutional court, just days ago, suddenly a group of about 100 heavily armed, with M16, military men showed up to keep the peace-these types of incident seem to point to the fact that Anupong is supportive of the PAD.

Then all along Anupong have been calling for the PPP government to dissolve the house and return the power to the people. He said this on many occasions, and it indicates that he is against the PPP government. If one adds the fact that Anupong didn’t touch PAD in its illegal occupation, but turned to used of heavily armed soldiers against the red shirt. And on top of it all as Bangkok Post reported in fact Anupong called in Nevin and pressured Nevin to support Mark. So when Mark now appears to have enough vote for a government, Anupong now doesn’t talk about dissolving the house anymore. These three or four facts seem to indicate that Anupongs had plans all along for Mark and the Democrat to become the government.

Now if we take the courts, that rules in favor of the Democrat party all the time and if we take Anupong, who also appears to support Mark and the Democrats, what we get is now two vastly differing organizations, meaning the judiciary system and the defense system, working together, coordinating, to rid the country of the PPP government and trying to have the country head my Mark and the Democrats.

How do we know the army and the courts are working together? What ties them together? Well first the true objective, behind their moves, which is the same that is the prop up Mark; secondly, most key judges were appointed buy the KnorMorChor coup, which Anupong is a key part of; third a long standing and publicly stated plan by KorMorChor coup to use the courts to destroy Thaksin influences and prop up Mark; and lastly key military men under Anupong, who went in the open to support Sondhi to keep the pressure going, without having to fear the courts.

Now if we did the same thing with the press, and detail all the one sided positions and how pro-Democrat and Mark the Thai press is truly is, we could now then say there are, not two, but three, seemingly independent parts of the Thai society, meaning the courts, the military and the press, that are working together in tandem, with the same shared plan to rid the country of the PPP government and prop up mark and the Democrats. How can we say this, because most press have suddenly caught on to the rationale that it better be Mark, because the red shirt are nicer than PAD, in that future red shirt protest will be according to the law. So most of the press are of this same opinion, all of a sudden “in unison” like overnight.

If it falls just there it will be kind of understandable, because Thaksin have always been against the military full independent-meaning Thaksin wanted a say in appointments of military officials, the the judiciary system where Thaksin has always maintain that its key people are against him, and even the press, Thaksin has never had a smooth relationship with.

However, be it the academic circle, or the business leaders, they are also part of the master plan to rid the country of PPP and Thaksin. For example looks at the Industrial Federation of Thailand and the Thai Chambers of Commerce or the NIDA school. All are institutions that should remain neutral on politics because it is business and private, but in all three cases, the heads, have come out to say-again oddly in unison and right after the dissolution of PPP and a new MP is being sought after-that the next government should be Democrats and Mark, because the PAD would be happy, and not make anymore protest.

So what other hint are there that there is a master grand plan? Even Sondhi, head of the PAD said to his gathering, to keep pressing on, because in a few days something will happen in Thailand that will change everything. And true to form, in a day or two the constitutional courts announce it is ready to make a decision on dissolving the PPP party.

The plan to rid Thailand of Thaksin influences, as it appears to be is to set up the situation for Mark to be the PM. It has always been for the PAD to stir up the heat, with Anupong standing by letting it heat up more and more, and increase the pressure the public to want and demand some sort of a resolution-any resolution really. Once the resolution to the PAD problem emerges, from the court ruling again, lastly it is then time to present the solution-which is proposed by The Federation and the Chambers and also NIDA, which is Mark for PM.

So to summary this analysis up, there appears to be so many actions against the PPP and Thaksin that are going on at the same time, all in a rhythm, that requires some planning and coordination. And that can only mean that there is a master mind somewhere or someone-or perhaps a council-who has drawn up a plan to destroy the PPP and also Thaksin, and using all the mentioned above people, to carry the plan out.

Perhaps it is the old KorMorChor plan that is still at work, or perhaps it is a new plan that is at work. But today, Matichon reported that, if not because of several high ranking members of the Queen’s Guard Soldiers, Nevin would not have switch side. Other credible report, leaked out through covert intelligent gathering from several sources, tells of how Nevin really had no choice. That is because the nature of Nevin family’s business, which is under investigations for breaking the law. “He was threatened with negative court actions,” said one intelligent report.

Other than the Queen’s Guard, another key man who has been missing from the press during these tumultuous days is Prasong, the former Thai CIA guy, who is the mastermind for the KorMorChor coup. With such an active life, it appears he either have gone under-ground to coordinate a major event, or he has strangely suddenly found a hobby of some sort. And as for the courts itself, there is off course the very much hated Jarand, who is a very high ranking judge, who goes on the attack in the open of Thaksin and the red shirt. Jarand is the de facto leaders of Thai judges at the moment.

This blog is of the opinion that it is a consultation between Jarand, Anupong, and Prasong-with the input from Prem and perhaps a high-up in the Royalist sphere that is co-ordination the entire plan to rid Thailand of Thaksin and the PPP.

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