Democracy: 5) Mob Rules Thailand

13.35-mob rules Thailand, by Danny, this blog’s neutral analyst

Right now, he is the master of Thailand, says Thai intelligent sources

Right now, he is the master of Thailand, says Thai intelligent sources

News Brief: The Thai courts surprised call for three parties to hear its decision on the axing of the parties, have axed all three parties, as most have expected, as most members of the courts were appointed by the coup with anti-Thaksin judges.

Many are hoping that for peace, what ever government of the future, should not have the hand printings of Thaksin. However, many other fear that without anyone to stop PAD, it will just keep pushing and demanding for more and that it will push Thailand back centuries, with anti-capitalism and globalization and democratic principles.

Many say Thaksin is the only one standing against the turning back of the clock in Thailand.

The red shirt pro-democracy, pro-government and pro-Thaksin, will likely not yield way to a court appointed PM as the yellow shirt will surely support the court’s government-what ever the outcome the Thai airport will likely be shut-down into the foreseeable future.

Or even if the disbanded parties were able to muster the necessary support to get their government going again, the red shirt and the yellow shirt now have been jolted into a new phase of activities. The red shirt now sees democracy under threat, and the PAD new sees an opportunity to end Thaksin’s influences.

“The dissolution of the PPP, does not guarantee that a government not align to the former PM Thaksin will not re-emerged to control Thailand and therefore at this point we will continue to occupy the airport,” said Suriyasai, a leader of the PAD.

Meanwhile the economic damages from the occupation mounts, with hotels and shopping centers going empty. World wide, the role of the Thai Royalty in what is occurring has never been discussed more openly. Most of that talk is critical.

Earlier, the red shirt have said they may march on the airport to stop the airport occupation, but the move, really signifies a fight for the control of Thailand, as the PAD occupation of the airport have greatly increased the bargaining power of the PAD.

“We will have to end that influence somehow,” said Veera, a red shirt leader.

Meanwhile, Thailand currently has no government as the PPP and Chart Thai dissolution, means the government have no legal basis to operate. IT is now up to the Thai courts to assign a ruling council who will elect a PM. Or on the other hand, the MPs from the disbanded parties will have to urgently put together a government. The move, if the courts steps in, is seen by the red shirt as a silent coup because most of the courts member had been appointed by the KorMorChor with members who are non-democratic.

And if it is the old coalition, the yellow shirt will surely keep pressing on. Already today, its leaders say it now seek New Politics as the agenda of the protest. New Politics sees most MPs from selection appointed by the courts, similar to the current system but greatlt expanded.

In the long-run, if the courts do step in and appointed a PM, that PM will have to go to the parliament to offer its policy and if the MPs-who are now in the process of changing parties to back-up parties-refuse the policy, the military back court appointed government could then fall. However, speculation has it that the situation will give tremendous bargaining power to the back-up Chart Thai party, as it’s position on who it will back would mean the PM seat.

The great majority numbers of the MPs backing the coalition government that just been axed, is expected to be challenge as many in the coalition have now been barred from politics for 5 years, according to law-and thus leaving a specter of the Democrat having proportionally more MPs on its side, to gain a more solid majority.

Meanwhile the red shirt have been trying to stop the court meeting all morning, however, the last coup leader, Sindhi Boonyarakarin, personally took charged of a group of military men armed with M16, to protect the courts.

Internationally, some legal experts now suggest the red shirt lodge terrorism charges on the PAD. If that is the case, the PAD funds and those that secretly supports it will be frozen immediately. Already, from TV picture, the PAD continues to gets major support as food is being catered in to the 15,000 airport occupation force without 3 meals a day costing millions of baht, with no disruptions. Also about 5,000-10,000 blankets have been distributed. Observers say, what ever the situation, the yellow shirt PAD continued to received a great deal of financial support from somewhere.

Internationally also, several credit ratings agencies have reduced Thailand’s credit rating. Moody credit rating agency had questioned the neutrality of thehai judiciary system before. The Thai courts have out of the blue called the three axed parties to meeti today for a hearing on the case, while most expected the case would be called on early next year.

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