Democracy: 4) Limited Globalization, Buhtan Style, Model of Development Planned for Thailand

17.11-Bhutan Development Model Planned for Thailand

Very much shut off from the world, the young Bhutan king gets lots of love from a happy and simple people

Very much shut off from the world, the young Bhutan king gets lots of love from a happy and simple people

Several senior Thai businessmen and independent academic had concluded a high level secret level meeting to discuss what is occurring in Thailand and their conclusion is that there is a plan for Thailand to copy the Bhutan development model.

Bhutan is a small country that rejects globalization and capitalism based development model, looking instead to focus on the quality of life for its people. The coup of the KorMorChor and the PAD had long been against globalization, and during the coup a few years ago of KorMorChor, Thailand turned its back against trade and investment. Several foreign countries, seen as having influence over Thailand, were also attacked by the KorMorChor and PAD forces.

“The occupation of the airport is nothing but turning against globalization, this is the first step, and if you follow what the PAD and the people behind the KorMorChor coup that are still active today are saying, they are also against capitalism,” said Dr Thawatchai, a professor at a leading Thai university that took part in the secret meeting, organized by a national security services oriented agency in Thailand.

Other that took part in the meeting said there were enough evidence to support, according to several phones tap of top university people who supports the KorMorChor coup, that the so called “Bhutanese System” will be implanted in Thailand.

“Obviously, the most fear is massive unemployment, but those who supports the Bhutanese System, argues that there are about 3 million rai under the control of various state agencies at the moment and that the millions of people who will be out of a job, will just simply be granted land to farm on. Others will be pushed to work in an intense import substitution industry that will be built up to replace most of the imports,” said Dr Ammareth.

Dr Ammareth said that the coup of the KorMorChor had always had plans to turn to a system that is less capitalistic and non-globalization. “It fits well with the sufficiency theory and if you look at the KorMorChor, they were very against Thaksinomics-and you just have to ask what is Thaksinnomics-it is a development model that opens Thailand a great deal. But the coup failed to stop Thaksinomics but it never have laid those plans to rest, really,” he said,.

He adds that with the demise of Wall Street and a bad reputation on capitalism, the Bhutanese System has gained favor in many high places and with a great deal many of military men.

Others such as Dunyaporn, a doctorate student at Chula, who also attended the meeting, said globalization and the concept of democracy comes hand in hand and if one is to turn Thailand’s clock back, it means changing the democratic system first. “They will keep calling whatever form of government that comes to Thailand democratic, such as the current court influenced one, to hide the fact that it is not very democratic and at the same time re-align the economy to a more nationalistic system,” she said.

Dr Thanom, head of a major that stock market listed firm said that from what he has heard of the Bhutan System, large Thai firms will be encourage to invest and move off shore as a way of getting rid of Thailand from the influences of capitalism and trade, and yet keep the necessary doors opens somewhat.

“I was told to start thinking about expanding overseas and having most of my business outside Thailand, because Thailand wil turn greatly towards the sufficient theory and the Bhutanese System,” said Thanom.

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