Thaksin Focus: Emotional Speech from Thaksin got Red Shirts Tears Rolling, at a rally with about 60,000

22.18-It turned out to be a saddening event after Thaksin phone-in, by Danny

Some say it is money, but Thaksin imense popularity is because he really cares about the poor and unfortunate.

Some say it is money, but Thaksin immense popularity is because he really cares about the poor and unfortunate.

It started out full of energy and was meant to cheer up the spirits of the democratic and progressive side of the Thai society, who had been under constant attack by the Amart for months and years on end. But after listening Thaksin phone in, most of the 60,000 rally goers, felt saddened enough for tears to roll across their faces-with many hugging together and openly cried and cheered Thaksin at the same time.

“He rescued Thailand’s economy before and he is the best man to do it again. I don’t understand how can those who calls us buffalo for voting for Thaksin can’t see this,” said Chokechai, a farmer from U-Don. The Thai economy had been reeling for three years under the stress of internal politics and the Wall Street crisis is now compounding the problem, making Thailand one of the slowest economic growing country in the developing world.

Thaksin who is about 56 years old, asked rally goers if they were going to let him wait for 10 years to return to Thailand and there was a unisom “Hell No!” thundering response from the crowd-under Thai law, Thaksin can return a free man in 10 years as the case expires.

“Only the King’s glowing power and you, the people, can bring me back,” Thaksin said.

The NorPorChor gathering, as it is advertised, is to show anti-coup force as a way to prevent the military from staging another coup. The Thai army chief had often criticized the government openly and had tried to get the government to stop the Thaksin phone-in.

UK says Thailand has a long way to go to prove Thaksin is a bad guy

UK says Thailand has a long way to go to prove Thaksin is a bad guy

As the “Hell No!” response was heard, Thaksin smiled and throughout Thailand, from the deep South and China town Yaowaraj of the PAD stronghold to the heart of the PAD gathering at the occupied government house itself, or to E-Sarn and the North who loves Thaksin, Thai people speculated if that meant the NorPorChor new mandate is to get a pardon for Thaksin so he could come back to Thailand ASAP.

Earlier the Thai Attorney general office said it has finalized the case to present to the Uk government to bring Thaksin back to prison according to the guilty ruling on the Ratchada Land case. however, the latest news is that the former Attorney general of the Uk had come out to say that Thailand has a long way to go to prove that it is in the right on the Thaksin situation.

“Attempt to stop Thaksin Phone in indicates Thailand lacks basic human rights and the Uk will never send someone back to a country that doesn’t respect such basic democratic principles such as human rights,” said the former UK Attorney general.

Meanwhile all around the stadium where the rally is taking place thousands of police stand on duty to prevent trouble and in the army barracks, soldiers have orders to stand-bye for trouble.

I am sorry I can’t help the poor in Thailand, but will be helping the poor in other country that welcomes me, said Thaksin.

If that NorPorChor mandate to get Thaksin a pardon was the case, the political landscape that had returned somewhat to normal as Chamlong a PAD leader appeared to have finally got the upper hand in the internal struggle at PAD, is ready to talk peace with the Somchai government, will take another un-expected twist as the PAD will certainly cry foul.

Thaksin is the symbol of Dictatorship to some but democracy to others

Thaksin is the symbol of Dictatorship to some but democracy to others

However, to the rally goers, peace talk appeared to be very far off their agenda, as Charturong, a marverick former TRT leader and a new spiritual leader of the NorPorChor and former TRT party members, openly said he will only negotiate with the PAD when PAD leaders get out of the nut house.

Last night PAD leader Sondhi placed 6 used tampons on the stature of King Rama 5th as a way to prevent bad spirits from attacking the PAD. Many saw it as a sign that Sondhi had finally cracked.

The peace process in Thailand political landscape is being debates about by all parties concern, with some saying that it should involved all those in conflict and other parties, namely PAD supporters, saying it should be a smaller group to have better focus and potential for a solution.

Rally goers heard Thaksin telling them that event tough he has been crucified by the Amart, it still doesn’t come close to the problems Thailand is facing under the world economic crisis.

“I will be living away from Thailand for quite a while to make a living to support my family. Originally it was my wishes to manage Manchester City however my assets were taken away and I have no money to support it and so I had to sell it. But my problems are small compared to Thailand’s current economic hardship” said Thaksin.

Thai press hates Thaksin, but international press loves him

Thai press hates Thaksin, but international press loves him

The rally originally was going to end at about 10pm, however because of popular demand from the rally goers, the speeches continues as this article went on-line. Meanwhile the military continues to keep the army on alert even though the NorPorChor leaders said they will disperse the crowd after it is over and not head anywhere to confront PAD.

Amart is a term loosely meaning the alliance of the upper crust of the Thai society who are anti-democratic and anti-progress. PAD is the street battling arm of the Amart system. However, it is becoming greatly un-predictable and un-rulely and thus the Amart is considering the future of the PAD.

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