Democracy: Those who loved Thai Democracy are fights back with a “Stern Warning” to establishment

21.05-The forces of Thai democracy appears to be fighting back, says Danny.

This blog admits that we have our news room tuned into INN and ASTV 24 hours a day, and we follow Thai Rath and Manager by the minutes. We figure it is our commitment to you, our readers, that we do this because nobody else is doing it, and we have the time. The point is that, if one does what we do, day in and day out, one will soon enough get an objective sense of how the wind is blowing.

From that objective view, we must say that the forces of Democracy had been so hammered hard by the forces of Amart, that we thought it was certain death for sure. Amart is a term loosely meaning the alliance of the super conservative far right forces in Thailand. While the likes of the BBC and the Economist to the Wall Street Journal, calls PAD-the main forces of Amart, non-democratic, the fact is that the PAD is also violent prone.

And while being violent prone, it nevertheless is highly successful in making its public relation case as being the party who suffered most and in the right, when violence was met with violence. This ability to twist facts and events is due to the fact that most Thai press are Bangkok based and thus are part of the Amart system.

But thanks for Sae Daeng, NorPorCho, Salang to even an individual who protested Chula Hospital by canceling the donation his body to the Chula Medical School, it all sparked a renewed hope in all of us that we have a chance after all to see the light at the end of this long journey down the road to democratic obivilon.

“Tanks of the next coup will not be greeted with flowers but by molatov cocktails,” says Sae Daeng, a high ranking soldier, involved in many of Thailand’s most secretly kept wars.

But looking at Sae Daeng himself is like looking into the development of the Thai democracy itself. As in his early days, Sae daeng himself was so inconsistent in his views, gyrating between his love for authoritarianism as his military life taught him, and his love for the people whom he risked his life protecting in secrets wars so often in the past. In fact, Bally, this blog national security analyst, who meets Sae Daeng often enough says that, “Finally Sae Daeng understood that the people he love and sworn to protect, and even risk his life for-most of them, these Thai people, love and want democracy.” As it took Sae Dang many years to realized that he is a democratic soldier, it also took some other people as much time also.

Sae Daeng is training an army of street fighters.

“I am trying to get enough retired police officers together to go and take the government house back from the PAD,” says Salang, one of the most feared man in Thailand, who now stands against whatever coup and whatever is harmful to Thai democracy.

Salang, a very mean police officer with a killer instinct who has executed so many mob bosses in Thailand, just his name scared the light out of mobsters’ family and children. In one such instance, the head of a small mafia gang name, Jo Darn Chang, was cornered by the police and before you know it right in-front of about a hundred journalist, but in a house that no one saw inside, Salang executed the entire gang with shots to the head. Journalist were at awe as they sat and heard guns shot, one after another in a uniform manner-meaning it wasn’t a gun fight.

But today, Salang has somehow found his real calling in life again. Just like Sae daeng, that calling is the protection of democracy. “There will not only be the people against the military this time but a lot of police will be standing on the people’s side and have it out with the machine guns and tanks,” said Salang. Bally tells me that Salang is so sick and tired of seeing the country torn apart by the military, he says the police will not stand bye anymore and play the weakling role to the soldiers. “The police can’t loose any more face, it is our honor that is at stake,” says Salang.

Salang is calling for ex-police officers to group together.

If individuals like Sae Daeng and Salang doesn’t get the forces of democracy going in Thailand, it looks like at least NorPorKor has finally gotten its act together. NorPorKor is an old organization that has fought with the coup of the KnorMorCho where Anupong was a part of. For a long time, NorPorChor, was kept in the back burner, because the government seek a peaceful resolutions to the problems and wanted to use proper forces, such as the army, in dealings with PAD. Therefore, leaders of the KorMorChor were told not to stir-up problems.

But with Anupong, the Thai army commander, coming out to side with the PAD in calling for the government to resign, it appears that the government now has no other choice but to call in its street fighting force to keep a check, both on PAD and on Anupong’s potential coup. That letting loose of the power of the street, has resulted in a plan by the NorPorKor for activities.

NorPorChor is holding a continuous mass rally to check PAD and the potential of a military coup.

Then if all of that wasn’t enough, individuals Thais are taking the battle with Amart into their own hands. As the Amart stages social sanction activities on the government and the forces of democracy, individuals are heading straight into the heart of the opposition. Already an elderly women went screaming at Mark, the opposition leader who supports PAD. Already an elderly man has canceled the donation of his body to Chula Hospital, because Chula came said it was not treating police officers. Already the most respected students alliance and also democratic alliance in Thailand has come out to blast independent agencies under the influences of Amart, for being corrupted in their practice of the rule of law. And already, people trapped inside the parliament house on October 7 as the PAD surrounded the place, has gone to court with charges that PAD held them against their will.

It is only a matter of time, when all these people, Sae daeng, Salang, NorPorChor, and individuals and associations, come together in a unisom force.

Right now, unlike the Amart where there is a central nerve of command, the forces of democracy still calls the shot and sets strategy separately. But give it time, this blog believed the bind that ties all of them together, is the love of the rule of law and the democratic principles.

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